Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 - Adding New Slides

Need More Slides

Even if you base your new presentation on the swankiest of templates, you may need to add a new slide to it.

New Slides With Consistent Style

The New Slide Button

To add a new slide to your presentation, click Home > New Slide. You can either click the top of the new slide to insert the default title and content slide, or you can click the down arrow on the bottom of the button to display all the different slide layouts you can insert. The image below shows the different layouts you can use for your new slide. Once you inserted a new slide, click anywhere in the boxes and start typing the text you want to appear there. Pay attention to which slide you have selected in the slide pane on the left because the new slide will be inserted immediately after it.

Slide Layouts

Let's go through the other options available in this window.

Duplicate Selected Slides

First of all select the slides you want to duplicate in the slide panel. To select multiple slides you can hold down the control key while you click on additional slides, or to select all slides in a range: click on the first slide and then hold down shift while clicking on the last slide. When you have selected the slides you want to duplicate click Home > Slides > New Slide > Duplicate selected slides. The selected slides will be copied and pasted after the last selected slide.

Slides from Outline

Powerpoint 2007 allows you to insert slides based on an outline you have developed in another application. Some people choose to put together a rough outline of their presentation using Word 2007, for example. The Slides from Outline command will create new slides based on the headings and bulleted lists used in Word.

Reuse Slides

If you have created slides in another presentation, you can reuse them in your current presentation using the Reuse Slides command.