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In PowerPoint, a presentation consists of a collection of slides that are shown to an audience in sequence. The presenter can control the movement through the slides or the presentation can perform the navigation automatically. Each slide contains information that the presenter wants the audience to see and this information can take the form of text, images or even animation.

Powerpoint 2007

It may be that you need to put together a quick presentation of last year's sales figures for the management team. Perhaps you need to create a polished slide show for the company stockholders. With Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 you can create dynamic and high-impact presentations faster then ever. Slideshows can be enhanced with clip art, SmartArt diagrams, tables and charts. Custom animations can be used to enliven presentations.

Like the other applications in the Microsoft Office suite, Powerpoint 2007 has a new and improved interface that is streamlined to enhance your productivity. This web site will show you how to work efficiently and creatively with Microsoft Office Powerpoint to make your presentations sizzle.

Here's a quick run down of the new features in Microsoft Powerpoint 2007:

New Intuitive Interface
Like the other programs in the Office 2007 suite, Powerpoint 2007 has a ribbon.
Themes And Quickstyles
Themes and Quickstyles allow you to apply styling quickly to a whole presentation of individual elements.
Custom Slide Layouts
In the new version of Powerpoint, you are no longer restricted to using the preprepared layouts that come with Powerpoint. Now you can create your own, complete with placeholder text, for reuse later.
SmartArt Graphics
SmartArt graphics provide the ability for you to insert designer quality graphics into your presentations.

This is just a snapshot of the new features in Powerpoint 2007. Have a look around and learn how to use Microsoft's presentation program to its fullest.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

It only seems like yesterday that PowerPoint 2007 was unveiled, but it's actually been nearly three years! Time marches on, and the new release of PowerPoint arrived in June 2010. With that in mind, why not work through some Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Tutorials, to prepare yourself? PowerPoint 2010 introduces some impressive new features such as the new video editing tools and the facility to broadcast your presentation remotely.